Galloway in the creepy zone

From a Harry’s Place reader comes a remarkable clip of George Galloway being interviewed by bombastic radio talk-show host, conspiracy-theorist extraordinaire, and all-around weird guy Alex Jones.

Politically Jones is something of a libertarian, but mostly he hovers in the ultra-paranoid creepy zone where far-left and far-right converge; he appears to have fans at both ends of the spectrum.

JONES: “What do we do if the military-industrial complex carries out a terror attack to blame it on [Iran]?”

GALLOWAY: “Well that’s another very real danger. There’s no way we can legislate for that but we we must be on guard. We need a vigilant citizenry.”

JONES: “Unbelievable.”

GALLOWAY: “We need a vigilant citizenry that are wise to all the tricks that these monkeys are up to.”

Listen to the whole clip.