Defaming a Belief ?

The Muslim Union of Italy are pursuing Oriana Fallaci through the Italian courts for statements she made in her book The Rage and the Pride:

Adel Smith, president of the Muslim Union of Italy, sued the writer on 8 April 2004. He says Ms Fallaci has been advocating and spreading hate against Islam and Muslims, sometimes by allegedly distorting real historical facts and inventing others.

The case is being tried in the northern town of Bergamo, where the book was published. The prosecution has 10 days to come up with a charge.

Ms Fallaci, who lives in New York, was a Resistance fighter in World War II and a former war correspondent.

I haven’t read the book so can’t commment on its contents beyond noting in passing that Fallaci seems to court controversy and has an ugly turn of phrase.

Whether that should be against the law is a different question.