Watching Galloway

If all other methods fail, I believe it will be possible to watch Tuesday’s Senate hearing featuring George Galloway by going to this web page at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time (2:30 p.m. UK Time). Information on the hearing from the committee is here.

What’s unclear is what time Galloway will testify. The committee counsels are scheduled to testify at the morning session, and it’s standard practice for Congressional committees to hear from their counsels before taking testimony from outside witnesses.

Update: Harry adds: Two tales doing the rounds at the moment.

1. Today’s International Herald Tribune story on the Russian link to the Oil for Food scam, has Senator Norm Coleman quoted as saying that Galloway has yet to inform them of his intention to appear as a witness.

2. Guido Fawkes has a story claiming Galloway has dropped a major bollock on the home front. (Update: I am reliably informed that Guido’s story is complete bollocks because there is no ‘deadline’ for taking the oath).

Further update: The subcommittee website now lists Galloway (as an “invited” witness). Apparently he will be be the last witness of the day, which means he may not testify until middle or late afternoon Eastern Time.

Yet another update: Galloway’s appearance before the subcommittee has been moved up from “Panel 3” to “Panel 2”– which means he may start testifying in late morning or early afternoon Eastern Time.