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The things they say!

There has been some discussion on this blog of the allegation that the General Union of Palestinian Students published leaflets at the recent National Union of Students conference, which claimed that a group of:

“secular Jews …established the controversial Protocol of the Elder of Zion; a concept aiming to dominate the entire world”

What is said to be the text of that leaflet – which appears to have been taken from – may be read here.

Members of the Socialist Workers Party reading this leaflet will be surprised to discover that not only are Jews trying to dominate the entire world: but that they are part of the plot:

One stream [of Jewish opinion] advocated communism as a solution or the world’s problems by creating the International Proletariat Dictatorship. This clique was composed of Marxism. Later, Lenin (also a Jew) came to revive the failure of the Marxist theory by his book Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism. While fighting nationalism by theory, communism and Lenin in particular, was defending the Jewish Nationalism.

So there you have it.

Members of the SWP who wish to express their solidarity with the GUPS should feel free to shred their membership cards, and return their copies of Das Kapital to the Party.

Gene adds: At the 2002 NUS conference, the GUPS and the student branch of the SWP jointly sponsored an anti-Israel resolution.