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Livingstone: increasingly delusional

In Ken Livingstone’s mind, this is how things stand:

I think if we had better reporting standards in this country David Kelly would be alive. If we didn’t have this paparazzi nonsense Princess Diana would be alive. Bad journalism actually takes people’s lives.

“Let’s be honest about this. This is the paparazzi nonsense.

“They start, they’re outside the door and they chase you. You end up being chased …

“Her (Diana’s) entire life becomes being pursued around by the media, sometimes pandering to them, sometimes not. I prefer the French system where this is illegal. If we’d lived under the French system, Princess Diana would be alive today.”

“Eventually, when your entire life is spent being pursued by paparazzi and photographers, eventually there’ll be an accident.”

I do think, when journalists are saying to me, ‘I’m only doing my job’, I’m sorry they are the thin end of a wedge and at the other end of the wedge you have Rwanda and the holocaust people who say, ‘I am only doing my job. I’m only following orders’.