The opposition strikes back

Just last week, we were told by Those Who Know, Hezbollah’s massive pro-Syrian demonstration in Beirut proved that the Lebanese opposition was, by contrast, a relatively small, wealthy elite.

As Seumas Milne put it:

[W]hile the well-heeled Beiruti jeunesse dorée have dominated the “people power” jamboree, most of Tuesday’s demonstrators came from the Shia slums and the impoverished south.

I’m not sure how they will spin this.

Meanwhile Robert Fisk reports from Beirut:

President George Bush is expected to announce on Wednesday that Syrian – and perhaps Lebanese – military intelligence officers were involved in [opposition leader Rafik] Hariri’s death; the bombing killed 18 other civilians.

Fisk also says United Nations investigators looking into the murder of Hariri are prepared to report that Lebanese officials have covered up evidence.

Some members of the Hariri family have been told that the report of the UN inquiry team will be so devastating that it will force a full international investigation of the murder of “Mr Lebanon” and his entourage, perhaps reaching to the higher echelons of the Syrian and Lebanese governments.