Kick over the statues

Via Free Iraqi come these images of a toppled Hafiz Al Asad statue in Lebanon.


As the SWP’s house band once sang:

Kick over the statues
And the tyrants die
Wave bye bye with a hammer
To their heroes

The first act of freedom
All over the world
Is to topple the statues
Kick the bosses over

Gene adds:

And let’s not forget what that man with his finger on the pulse of the Middle East said only last December:

Commenting on the row within Lebanon over UN Security Council Resolution 1559 [demanding Syria withdraw its forces from Lebanon] and the country’s relationship with Syria, Galloway said: “I see 1559 as an attack on Syria and Lebanon.”

Galloway added that he “cheered” last week’s pro-Syrian demonstration in Beirut, insisting that Arab unity was required in order to “resist” Israel.

He said: “I’m no friend of the Syrian regime, but Syrian troops in Lebanon maintain stability and protect the country from Israel. Lebanon is an Arab country with a border with the Zionist state and that is a very dangerous place.”