Johann on Anti-Semitism

I expect that most readers of this blog read our former colleague, Johann’s blog on a daily basis.

If you don’t, you really should read his excellent post on anti-semitism, which is also his column in the Independent.

An extract:

[L]et me offer you a small anecdote that opened even my flabby eyelids. At a recent debate about Iraq, one person in the audience came up to me afterwards and said: “Your skullcap is slipping, Mr Hari.” Now, as it happens, I’m not Jewish (although a few of my relatives are). I asked him if he realised he was an anti-Semite, and he replied indignantly: “Criticising Israel isn’t anti-Semitic!” I replied: “I agree. I criticise Israel all the time. But how are you criticising Israel by talking about my non-existent skullcap? You didn’t mention Israel once, and nor did the debate.” He scowled:. “You Jews are so paranoid!” he declared, before storming off. Jews across Britain are experiencing moments like all the time now.

As they say, read the rest.