Anyone laughing?

Are there actually people in France who find this “comedian” funny?

A flare-up of racial tension has been sparked off in France after a black stand-up comic, Dieudonné, was reported to have said that the 60th anniversary commemorations of the Holocaust were “remembrance pornography”.
Last year, Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, 36, had several shows cancelled – including at the 2,000-seater Olympia venue in Paris after organisers said they could not guarantee the safety of the audience or the performer. At the time, he had attracted criticism for a television sketch in which, dressed in military fatigues and wearing a wide-brimmed hat associated with Orthodox Jews, he said: “I urge all of you [viewers] to convert like me [to Judaism]. Join the axis of Good, the American-Zionist axis.” He ended his sketch with a Nazi salute and the cry “Isra-Heil”.

Stop. You’re killing me.

(Via Normblog.)