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A Christian extremist group – Stephen Green’s “Christian Voice” has bullied a scottish cancer charity into turning down a £10,000 charitable donation from Jerry Springer: The Musical.

Having picketted the event, Stephen Green “alerted Maggie’s Centres to the potential public relations disaster of profiting from filth and blasphemy”. It goes without saying that Christian Voice would have been the prime mover in creating such a “public relations disaster”.

As a result, the charity turned down the donation:

“Because it may cause offence to some people, we have decided not to accept the donation. It is important to us that we raise money ethically and in ways that don’t cause offence.”

“This isn’t about us. They [Christian Voice] are seeking to publicise their activities by this initiative. We have no affiliations to any religious group and we have no link to Christian Voice.”

Non-extremist christians have condemned the actions of Christian Voice.

I’m really not sure how one combats this sort of vigilante action by zealots.


There is a link to the R4 article here

Hat Tip: Nick Barlow