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MEMRI reveals shocking truth about itself

After Ken Livingstone’s crack team of taxpayer-funded investigators discovered that the Middle East Media Research Institute is some kind of Mossad/Likud operation, you might think MEMRI would be doing all it can to suppress the shocking truth.

But no. Strangely enough MEMRI has put on its website videos of Livingstone and his honored guest Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi making those very charges on al-Jazeera.

In his interview (transcript here) Livingstone repeats his standard defense of Qaradawi and his standard attack on the sheikh’s detractors, but with a few new details. (Did you know his investigators examined all 140 of Qaradawi’s books? I hope they weren’t paid by the hour.)

Qaradawi (transcript here) defends the “noble and courageous” Livingstone for standing up “against the Zionists and their lies,” and assures him that the “free and honorable people of the world are behind you.”

During his appearance, Qaradawi receives a phone call from Said Duodidn, who blames Yigal Carmon of MEMRI for masterminding the campaign against the antisemitic Hezbollah TV channel Al-Manar and for playing a role in closing the antisemitic Zayed Center in Abu Dhabi.

As a bonus, MEMRI also provides a clip of Qaradawi’s latest take on The Jewish Question (transcript here), which seems to amount to: We have nothing against the Jews, except when they’re our enemies, which is most of the time.