“We are not alone, and we are not afraid”

MEMRI further advances the Mossad/Likud agenda by providing this powerfully moving video of an Iraqi election broadcast on Al-Arabiya.

An old man rounding a corner into an alleyway looks up and sees young, masked militants facing him down. A couple joins the old man. Slowly, more and more people join the old man.

Voiceover: On January 30, we meet our destiny and our duty. We are not alone, and we are not afraid. Our strength is in our unity; together we will work and together prevail.

Those joining the man now outnumber the militants. He nods and they move forward. The militants run away.

Written on screen: Don’t worry about Iraq. We are its people. We will allow no one to deprive us of our rights. For the building of Iraq: Peace, freedom and democracy. The heroes of Iraq.

(Hat tip: Mick Hartley.)