UK Politics

Bashing heads

Its not just the ‘protest vote left’ who need their heads knocking together at the moment is it?

After all, as the two leading figures in the Labour Party and/or their supporters continue to squabble in public, it is coming to something when backbench Labour MP’s are the one’s delivering lectures on party unity ahead of an election.

The reports say the leading spokesman for the PLP at last night’s meetings was a blogger – Clive Soley. Might be worth keeping an eye on his site today.

There are two comment pieces in the Guardian today on the issue. One from Martin Kettle entitled Forget policy and ideology, this battle is all about power and another from David Aaronovitch Why Gordon’s gang is the chancellor’s worst enemy.

If you prefer a less nuanced response, in a northern accent, with attacks on the press, references to dinner parties and a repeated defence of Labour’s record in government then John Prescott was on the Today Programme this morning. Audio feed here.