The Left

Nader vs. Moore: long may it last

Sore loser Ralph Nader seems to be blaming (at least partly) his notable lack of success in the 2004 election on Michael Moore.

In an open letter to Moore on his campaign website (the election’s over, Ralph), Nader writes:

Michael, you have to rehabilitate yourself and remove the stains of your political apostasy… Jettison your image as the Court Jester for the Democratic Party…

Redeem yourself or forever be consigned to history’s judgment of political turncoats, renegades and saboteurs.

We can only hope Moore will respond in kind. In fact– for the sake of a serious, reinvigorated Left– we can only hope that Nader and Moore will continue feuding for the next several years, and leave the rest of us alone.

(Via Marc Cooper.)