Anti Fascism


This has been doing the rounds of the blogosphere for a couple of days.

It’s still hilarious though. The British National Party booked a black DJ by accident for their Christmas party:

Garner, branch organiser for Croydon, South London, admitted: “Everyone was a bit alarmed when the DJ turned up.

“A lot of people weren’t happy – I wasn’t, really – and one or two walked out. But some younger members thought it was a bit ironic and danced away the night.

“Traditionally someone stands and says what’s happened in the year or in the elections. But it was a bit difficult to say we were even the BNP. We even had to be careful what we said when we did the raffle so we didn’t offend this guy.

“What are you supposed to do? Tell him to clear off? It was very, very embarrassing.”

A BNP Official called Bob Garner commented:

“There was a bit of a cock-up. The chap who booked him didn’t realise. The DJ sounded white on the phone.”

via the ever-reliable Mick Hartley