Bravery and tragicomedy on Arab TV

I’m not a fan of al-Jazeerah (which broadcast the al-Qaradawi interview), but I’ll give them credit for showing this interview with the brave Egyptian human rights activist Sad al-Din Ibrahim, who has been imprisoned a number of times by the Mubarak government. (Transcript here.)

Democracy is the best existing means for dealing with our internal and external problems. Are the Arab peoples ready for this democracy? Yes, and this is contrary to what our tyrant leaders claim.
The problems in the Arab world result from the tyranny has taken root, and this tyranny stems from the military taking over the course of events in their countries, and preventing any democracy from developing, and killing any seed of democracy and terminating it before it grows.

From the courageous to the tragicomic: the Hizbullah TV channel al-Manar (recently permitted to broadcast in France) showed this music video. The lyrics are rather heavy, but it’s got a good beat and you can march to it. (Transcript here.)

Does the woman on the right seem to be thinking, “Will this damn song never end?”