The vermin of the blogosphere

We may scoff (and we frequently do) but the business world is catching on to blogs big time with plenty of multinationals operating weblogs and there are a few blogs about business blogging and even blogging consultancies.

Its not all about smart suited execs, bright young techies, missions statements and working breakfasts with the international blogerati in Kensington. One of the success stories of British business blogging has been the sheet metal blog Tinbasher, the creation of the unorthodox Lancastrian all-rounder Paul Woodhouse.

He seems to take the idea of ‘transparency’ in business communications seriously. Today he gives his readers a frank taste of business blogging Lancashire style:

I’m currently writing this from inside the electricity cupboard of an old Victorian foundry in some rundown part of East Lancashire. Not only that, but my blogging attire isn’t exactly booted and suited. It tends to consist of three fleeces, a jumper and a donkey jacket – and that’s just in the summer. I look more like Darth Vader when they took his helmet off than Mr. Business Blogger UK. Can I feel the force? I can’t even feel my fingers.

With us also being in a decrepit old foundry, not too far away from a river, we also tend to suffer from a bit of a vermin problem once in a while. Only the other week I was merrily tapping away at my keyboard when I heard a scratching and a rustling. I looked to see where it was coming from, then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this rat dangling off a couple of fluorescent tubes above my head.

Still, if you think that is bad, you should see how he blogs at home – allegedly.