Nick Paton Walsh’s piece on Ukraine contains this little bit of info relating to John Laughland’s fake human rights organisation:

[Yanukovich] has hired DBC, a PR firm headed by an ex-Washington lobbyist, to spam journalists on his behalf. They circulated a report by the British Helsinki Human Rights Group that, contradicting most countries bar China, Russia, Belarus and the central Asian states, said the election was fair.

I’d like to know more about the ‘British Helsinki Human Rights Group’.

By the way Paton Walsh’s piece is well worth a read, as opinion pieces written by reporters who actual cover the events usually are, and I agree with his main points.

In passing he touches on the discomfort felt by some in backing a cause which is also backed by the USA. His last paragraph is an interesting one:

Some of the crowd come out with pro-freedom epithets that would make White House speechwriters proud. The difference is that they seem genuinely to believe in them. Our loss of faith in these values should not condemn their enjoyment of them.

I’ll make the obvious point that even White House speechwriters may actually believe in freedom but I wonder who he is talking about when he talks about ‘our loss of faith in these values’?