An end to media incitement?

I’ve posted here before about the steady stream of incitement (frequently aimed at children) against Israelis and Jews in the official Palestinian media.

So if this report is true, it’s a very important development:

The Palestinian Authority leadership has ordered PA-controlled media to stop all incitement against Israel and Jews, the London-based Arabic daily A-Shark Al-Awsat reported Monday.

The order also pertains to video clips, songs and music videos which call for the continuation of the armed intifada, the paper reported.

A question for those who believe Yasser Arafat was seriously interested in making peace with Israel: Why, in all his years as head of the PA, could he not bring himself to issue such an order?

Update: The Jerusalem Post reports:

PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) met recently with the head of the Palestinian Broadcasting Authority and asked him to check all programs aired on state television to prevent the broadcast of inciting material, a Palestinian official said Monday.

However, they stopped short of an order to stop incitement in the Palestinian media – a key Israeli demand – the official said, with Palestinians and Israelis differing over what constitutes incitement.

The proof, one way or the other, will be in the programs.