New Perspectives ?

The UN has discovered what causes anti-semitism:

The genuine Zionism of many Jews helps to explain the fact that many people wrongly feel that most Jews lend their unconditional support to Israeli policies. That is why we have seen attacks on synagogues, arson attacks on schools, desecration of cemeteries, for reasons that have nothing to do either with religion, or education, or the peaceful rest of the deceased, but that have a great deal to do with a political and a territorial conflict. . . .

Mind you, one of it’s branches in North London has also come up with this political analysis of Tony Blair and George Bush.

We only have to think of the Presidential elections in the US and the news that Tony Blair aims to make terrorism central to his campaign in any General Election in the UK to discover that in George Bush and Tony Blair we have two disciples of Herman Goering the propaganda chief in Nazi Germany


via Norm and new blogger Jonathan Lockhart