Arafat asked for George

One of Yasser Arafat’s dying wishes was to see his old friend George Galloway, The Glasgow Daily Record reported a few days ago.

‘Arafat called me a few days ago and asked me if I could come and visit and I of course said I would.

‘There are a few of his close friends already at the hospital and I am honoured that he has requested I visit.

‘I want to tell him that I hope he recovers – not only because I am his friend but because he is one of the only hopes for Middle East peace.

‘He is the only one that can unite the Palestinian people and take them forward.

‘He is very ill and I have no doubt that the fact Israel kept him trapped under house arrest in a damp cold room for so long has been a big factor in his deterioration.’

Poor George. How will he go on?

And why am I not surprised?