The Left

Where are we?

A busy spell on the blog (scroll down if you’ve not been here for a while), so lets just take stock.

After the reaction of ‘Index on Censorship’ to the murder of Theo Van Gogh (below) where does that leave us in the bizarre world of the post-9-11 left?

We have ‘peace’ campaigners who are in favour of terrorism.

We have ‘anti-fascists’ who support fascists.

We have ‘feminists’ supporting the oppressors of women.

We have ‘socialists’ against trade unions.

We have ‘revolutionaries’ in favour of the status quo and stability.

We have ‘anti-racists’ who support racists.

We have ‘secularists’ against secularism.

And now we have anti-censorship campaigners who respond to a political murder by saying the victim had ‘abused his right to free speech’.

And they say we are the ones who have sold out?