Pointing the Finger

Independent journalist Robert Fisk (sorry, no link to article without payment) knows who is responsible for the mass-murder in Iraq yesterday.

In an article entitled “All this talk of civil war, and now this carnage. Coincidence ? he goes through the possible suspects.

First off, he airily discounts Al-Qaeda who have

“never uttered a threat against Shias”

He also resists an explicit reference to the Occupation authorities too, merely noting

“the screams of accusation by the Iraqi survivors”

and wondering idly

“why the Americans are rubbing this Sunni-Shia thing so hard”

He does, however, think there are people who

“think that their own actions might produce what the Americans want: a fear of civil war so intense that Iraqis will go along with any plan the United States produces for Mesopotamia”

He doesn’t name names but he refers to

“Iraqi exile groups”

No doubt these Iraqi collaborators thought that arranging a simultaneous suicide attack in Pakistan which killed a further 44 Shia would be a clever way of making it look like they weren’t to blame.

Damn clever people these stooges of imperialism.