My invitation must have got lost in the mail

I’ve been unable to find anything else about it on the Web, but Amir Taheri, writing in The Jerusalem Post, reports on plans for a 10-day “revolutionary jamboree” in Tehran next month to mark the 25th anniversary of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s return to Iran from exile.

According to Taheri:

The Islamic Republic’s hospitality cuts across even religious divides. Thus militant Sunni organizations, including two linked to al-Qaida – Ansar al-Islam (Companions of Islam) and Hizb Islami (The Islamic Party) – enjoy Iranian hospitality. They are joined by Latin American guerrilla outfits, clandestine Irish organizations, Basque and Corsican separatists, and a variety of leftist groups from Trotskyites to Guevarists. Teheran today is also the only capital where all the Palestinian militant movements have offices and, in some cases, training and financial facilities.

Anyone know more about it? Anyone want to try and infiltrate it and blog about it?