The sad price of sympathy

The young Palestinian mother who blew herself up and murdered four Israelis at an army checkpoint this week was able to get into the Israeli terminal building by pretending to be injured and to have metal pins in her leg.

In other words she counted on the sympathy of the Israeli soldiers to get to a place where she could kill them. Ha’aretz reported:

One factor noted was the attitude of security guards to the bomber, who are said to have believed her charade of being injured, and to have allowed her to pass through the bleeping metal detector without examination.

One of the sad results, of course, is that the Israelis will be more skeptical than ever of Palestinians seeking medical help. Which means that more Palestinians who really do need help may be delayed or turned away. And of course we will hear from the Palestinian “solidarity” groups that the brutal and heartless Israelis are causing people to suffer and die. But we won’t hear why.