Russians in Cuba

Apparantly there are eight Russians being held at Guantanamo.

How did they get there ? Were they leftovers from the 1980’s who were captured by the Afghan Muhajedin ? There were rumours, denied by the Soviets, that some of the Russian prisoners converted to Islam and fought alongside their captors against the Soviet army and the Afghan Government.

“I am terribly scared of a Russian prison or Russian court for my son,” Amina Khasanova was quoted as saying by Gazeta newspaper.

She’s right to be wary of Russian justice. Judges are biddable there and even if you can’t buy them they don’t have much demonstrable sympathy for Muslims.

In a letter to his mother an inmate of Guantanamo made a depressing comparison with the holding camp for suspected terrorists he currently occupies and the crumbling Russian leisure sector

“I think that there is not even a health resort in Russia on the level of this place”

via Norm and Schmaltz und Grieben