UK Politics

Guns and Ammunition

The Today Programme poll in which listeners to the BBC radio programme voted for their favourite mock parliamentary bill was won by a bill which proposed that homeowners be allowed to use any means neccessary to defend their property from intruders.

One of the programmes judges, Labour MP Stephen Pound was surprised by the winning proposal and commented

‘The people have spoken – the bastards’.”

allowing many on the right to work up a little New Year foam (scroll down to No.16)

Such disgusting, foul-mouthed comments and such an arrogant, contemptuous attitude to the people to whose voice he promised to listen sum up so precisely what happens to modern liberals when they come up against ordinary people’s feelings. I hope ordinary voters will now return the favour. Indeed, I hope the Today programme holds just such a poll next year. It would be interesting to see how many people would vote for a bill to allow long-suffering voters to shoot lying, arrogant MPs who call them ‘bastards’ when they demand a little common sense.

A trip around the blogosphere will reveal much more comment on the affair but one of the most perceptive takes has got to be that of Plastic Gangster who reminds us that setting Tony Martin as a folk-hero is problematic to say the very least.

Update Some of those backing Martin appear to be a bit dodgy aswell