Iran bans Zionist aid for earthquake victims

Even though Israel has some of the world’s most skilled and experienced disaster rescue teams, Iranian authorities want no help from the Zionist entity in the wake of the horrible Bam earthquake.

Jahanbakhsh Khanjani, a spokesman for Iran’s Interior Ministry, said Saturday that Iran would accept aid from all countries of the world, aside from Israel. The announcement followed statements by foreign correspondents in Jerusalem, who reported that the Foreign Ministry had said that unofficial Israeli sources were considering sending aid to Iran. “The Islamic Republic of Iran accepts all kinds of humanitarian aid from all countries and international organizations with the exception of the Zionist regime [Israel],” Khanjani said.

The wise mullahs know that loyal and decent Iranians would rather suffocate under the rubble than have their lives saved by Zionists. And, hey, who wouldn’t?

(Via Not a Fish.)