“Anti-imperialist” solidarity with Hamas

From an AFP report on a mass demonstration by Hamas in Gaza to mark the organization’s 16th anniversary:

“I swear to Allah that not one Jew will remain on our land of Palestine,” the movement’s political leader in the Palestinian territories, Abdelaziz Rantissi, told the swelling crowd.

OK, there it is. You can’t make it much clearer than that– although I’m sure some will insist on finding all sorts of reasons why Rantissi doesn’t really mean what he says, or doesn’t speak for the silent majority of Hamas. And when he says “our land of Palestine,” he must be referring only to the West Bank and Gaza, huh?

Of course that probably won’t bother the folks at Campo Antiimperialista— the ones asking us to cough up 10 Euros apiece for the Iraqi resistance. In September– after the EU listed Hamas as a terrorist organization– they issued a statement expressing their solidarity with Hamas as the “main resistance organisation” in Palestine.

Does anyone expect them to issue a statement denouncing Rantissi’s promise of a Judenrein Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beersheba, and revoking their offer of solidarity?

We’ve reached the point where alleged left-wing revolutionaries are declaring their support for an organization which advocates clearing the Jews out of Israel one way or another. And if the Jews foolishly resist? In that case, I suppose, Campo Antiimperialista will issue a statement expressing its deep regret that mass slaughter was necessary. If only the Jews had gone quietly…