The Left

The Big Conversations

Roy Hattersley strikes the right balance of cynicism and support to Labour’s Big Conversation consultation exercise and also reminds us of the long forgotten ‘Labour Listens’ initiative.

The whole exercise in conspicuous listening is clearly bogus – and greatly to be welcomed. It is a sign of grace, both a confession of sin and a penance by which forgiveness may be obtained. No one could imagine Margaret Thatcher appearing on television to admit that she was fallible. Tony Blair – speaking at twice his usual speed – showed no sign of enjoying the concession. But he made it. Sincere or not, for a man of his character it must have been a chastening experience. In the long run, he will feel better for it.

If you want to take part in the ‘conversation’ here is the official website. I find the SMS feature a little gimmicky though.

I wonder what these people think about it all though? I bet they have had an increase in visitors over the past few days.