Song of Choice

One of the many sad aspects of the decline of the left has been the fading of the radical music tradition.

Song of Choice, written by Peggy Seeger, is one of my favourite anti-fascist songs, although I have only ever heard the version sung by the Scottish folk singer Dick Gaughan.

It ends like this:

It’s alright for you if you run with the pack
It’s alright if you agree with all they do
If fascism is slowly climbing back
It’s not here yet so what’s it got to do with you?

The weeds are all around us and they’re growing
It’ll soon be too late for the knife
If you leave them on the wind that around the world is blowing
You may pay for your silence with your life

So close your eyes, stop your ears,
Shut your mouth and never dare
And if it happens here they’ll never come for you
Because they’ll know you really didn’t care