The Left

Economic Decline

Whatever happened to alternative economic strategies ?

One of the big differences between the pre-1989 and the post-1989 left is the seeming lack of any serious economic manifesto published by the latter. I dimly remember the 1970’s version and the weaker attempt at a watered-down 1980’s version (Manifesto for New Times) but contemporary interest in either publication is illustrated by the fact that the first only appears on rare book sites and the latter seems to have no internet presence at all. I am unaware of any 1990’s strategy.

A regular commenter to this site has noted that, at least in the USA, the older left was socialist but the present generation’s focus is on cultural and lifestyle issues.

I suspect he’s right and that the same applies on this side of the Atlantic. It’s revealing to contrast the amount of words Marx, Engels and their successors devoted to economics and to contrast that with the paucity of effort today.

Update Here’s a way of sorting the pre-1989 sheep from the post-1989 goats. Thanks to Francois via Norm