What You Can Do

Norman Geras has responded to Socialist Workers’ ‘Ten Things to do when Bush arrives’ with an alternative list of his own.

It’s wishful thinking of course but nothing wrong with that and it is very timely given that on this site anti-war people keep telling me they want to do things differently than the SWP-Galloway-Pilger psuedo-left.

My personal favourite from Norm’s suggestions is this:

Ponder why it is that the leader of one the world’s great democracies is more repugnant to the organizers of this demonstration than… well, than anybody. As some of you may have read Trotsky and even rate him as an important influence, try to recall what he thought about would-be leftists who regarded fascists as a lesser enemy than social democrats, and fascism as less of a threat than (as it used to be said, bourgeois) democracy. Think of the price that was paid for ignoring his warnings.