Letters from Iraq

The most recent three letters from the Iraqi Communist Party Central Committee are well worth a read for those with an interest in Iraqi affairs.

The position of the ICP on the most important issues currently facing the Iraqi people are set-out in brief.

First the letters explain the ICP’s position to the Governing Council and the decision to play a constructive role on the Council

Participating in the Council in its present form, does not mean, in any way, accepting it as an alternative to the desired Iraqi transitional coalition government. It is seen instead as a step in the direction of achieving an independent national Iraqi government, with a patriotic democratic program, to rid the country of its present plight and move ahead towards building a unified democratic and federal Iraq.


Our Party…along with the majority of other political forces, has regarded the Council as an arena of struggle rather than being a final, fixed and definitive authority.

Just as importantly the letters set out the CP’s attitude to the current political situation and the so-called “resistance”

under the existing climate of freedom, the Iraqi political forces, including our Party, are in almost unanimous agreement that violent means are not the most appropriate and effective, as long as peaceful means have not been exhausted. As a matter of fact, armed operations in our country’s current circumstances inflict harm on the desired aim: to get rid of the occupation as soon as possible.

Finally, on international solidarity

During this transitional period, when contradictions and struggle over the future direction of development intensify, it is essential, more than ever before, to have multifarious international solidarity by the forces of peace, and progressive and democratic movements, to support and consolidate Iraqi patriotic and democratic forces in their struggle to foil attempts to sabotage the political process and push the country towards chaos and internal strife.

It’s a shame the so-called leftwing Stoppers has never paid attention to one of the largest working-class organisations in Iraq but have chosen instead to simplify complex legal and political arguments by putting them into the mouths of children.

Can they really say their call for an end to the occupation is in support of the struggle against chaos and internal strife ?