Perfect cocktail

Instapundit links to a Mark Steyn article and provides an excerpt which is about as close as you can get to the perfect American hard-right cocktail.

Europe is dying. As I’ve pointed out here before, it can’t square rising welfare costs, a collapsed birthrate and a manpower dependent on the world’s least skilled, least assimilable immigrants. In 20 years’ time, as those Dutch Muslim teenagers are entering the voting booths, European countries, unlike parts of Nigeria, will not be living under Sharia, but they will be reaching their accommodations with their radicalised Islamic compatriots, who like many intolerant types are expert at exploiting the ‘tolerance’ of pluralist societies.

How happy what’s left of the ethnic Dutch or French or Danes will be about this remains to be seen. But the idea of a childless Europe rivalling America militarily or economically is laughable. Sometime this century there will be 500 million Americans, and what’s left in Europe will either be very old or very Muslim. That’s the Europe that Britain will be binding its fate to. Japan faces the same problem: in 2006, its population will begin an absolute decline, a death spiral it will be unlikely ever to climb out of. Will Japan be an economic powerhouse if it’s populated by Koreans and Filipinos? Possibly. Will Germany if it’s populated by Algerians? That’s a trickier proposition.

It’s got it all – anti-European, anti-welfare state, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, a Powellite panic about the future stability of a Europe if the “ethnic Dutch” get upset and the ancient reactionary worry about declining birth rates (better get breeding those white Christian children quick) all tied up with the arrogant self-assurance that America will be a triumph in comparison to the ‘dying’ old continent.

Is this really the sort of scaremongering bollocks that Instapundit, America’s number one blogger, subscribes to?

Sadly yes.

Reynold’s agrees with Steyn’s analysis and adds for good measure: Yes, and sadly Europe’s problems are likely to become America’s. Again.

So we are heading for economic meltdown and a possible continent wide racial crisis, that only the Americans can possibly save us from. Again.

Apart from the America saving the world stuff I don’t see much difference between this sort of analysis and the kind of garbage we hear from the likes of Le Pen, Haider, Bossi and their counterparts in the UK.

(Oh and the original Steyn article is in the Spectator entitled The Europeans Are Worse Than Cockroaches – seriously)