UK Politics

No Surrender

The Spectator publishes a wonderfully reactionary article which argues forcefully that the law which ensures the British monarch is a Protestant should never be repealed or amended.

Apparantly if you allow Roman Catholics (or Papists as the author calls them)too near power they’ll be inviting the Pope to rule the country before you can say Guy Fawkes.

This must all seem a bit strange to readers in countries with rather more up-to-date constitutions than ours who have presumably put up with Catholic heads of state without being forced to grovel under the iron heel of international Papism as soon as a Catholic is elected.

Corrections – contrary to the authors assertions the Act of Union was 1707 not 1706 and there are no Archbishops or Bishops in the Church of Scotland. The Spectator may wish to avoid future egg on face by employing a fact-checker.