UK Politics

Easy money

According to this account of a conversation between Oliver Letwin and The Observer’s Andrew Rawnsley it seems the latter is now in the money.

As the interview finished, Andrew Rawnsley reminded him of a lunch the two had had together before the last election. The then Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury expressed a strong belief that however the election went, William Hague would remain leader, offering to bet Rawnsley £1000 that it would occur. Apparently Andrew Rawnsley’s hand shot out so fast that Letwin reduced the bet to £100.

Noting that Letwin had not yet paid him that £100, he challenged him to a similar bet regarding Iain Duncan Smith becoming Prime Minister. Bravely, Oliver Letwin bet him £1000 that IDS would be Prime Minister, the two shaking on it as the meeting ended.

Bravely is one way of putting it.

But hold on a minute. Isn’t this a remarkably easy way to make money? Politicians have to agree to things like this otherwise they look disloyal. Although I’m sure Rawnsley was just having some fun.

But what about a trip round Westminster betting Tory shadow cabinet members if they think Michael Howard can win the next election?

(Hat tip to Matty’s blog)