UK Politics

Tories want to close down BBC website

The Conservatives will close down the BBC’s website and some of the new digital channels if they win the next election, the Guardian reports.

The party’s culture spokesman, John Whittingdale, said he was not persuaded of the case for a public service website nor that “the BBC needs to do all the things it is doing at the present”, including providing a growing number of digital TV channels.

Like I said before, it is worth keeping an eye on this stuff, the Berlusconi agenda is coming to Britain – slim down public service television, reduce its remit and role and let the private sector gain from our loss.

And of course the lessons of the Thatcher years were that when the private sector gained from ‘liberalisation’, usually a couple of Tories did rather well out of it too.

I am looking forward though to hearing the Tory argument about how closing down one of the best all-round online resources in the UK will be increasing our freedom of choice.

And I’m not sure what my daughter is going to have to say about this: John Whittingdale – Tweenie killer.