Birds of a feather…

Representatives of the Iranian and Cuban regimes joined in paying tribute to the late North Korean dictator Kim Il-Sung on the 50th anniversary of the end of the Korean War, which Kim launched:

Abdullah Hamidi Benam, the Iranian military attache to Pyongyang, and Giraldo Abreu Morales, his Cuban counterpart, on 25 July visited the site from where President Kim Il-Sung led the Communist Party and the North Korean Army from 1951-1953, the official KCNA news agency reported. The Iranian military official wrote in the visitors’ book, according to KCNA, that “thanks to the wise leadership of Kim Il-Sung, the people and the army of the DPRK could achieve a brilliant victory in the war.”

The next day, the Iranian military attache delivered a floral basket and congratulatory letter to North Korean leader Kim Chong-Il via People’s Armed Forces Minister Kim Il-Chol, KCNA reported. Abdullah Hamidi Benam made the presentation on behalf of the entire military attache corps.

Sniff. How touching.

Meanwhile both Cuban and Iranian authorities are denying reports that Cuba is jamming broadcasts from the US intended for Iran.