Hunger in Ohio

Blame the liberal media if you must, but David Broder’s column in today’s Washington Post directed me to this CBS News story about an overwhelmed food bank in the small town of Logan, Ohio. (You can watch the video here.)

Goodyear is just one of at least a half dozen plants around here that have relocated or closed in the last few years, taking with them thousands of jobs: jobs that have been counted on for generations and jobs that won’t be coming back.

Not everyone is unemployed, but many live on minimum wage. You have to make hard choices, they say, and the free food they receive means more money to clothe the kids or in some cases buy life-saving medicine. . .

“We’ve seen an 18 percent increase in the demand for services in just the first three months of this year,” says Lisa Hamler Podalski. “We’re seeing a new phenomena. Last year’s food bank donors are now this year’s food bank clients.”

OK, hands up; how many believe the Bush tax cuts will help these folks?