Oil slicks

Remember the fuss over the Guardian story reporting Paul Wolfowitz’s ‘admission’ that the war was all about oil after all? Remember how the Guardian withdrew the story and apologised for the misquote?

I’m sure you do, after all the matter was well covered in many blogs and referred to in other newspapers.

But somehow the Independent didn’t notice. As Tim Blair spots Robert Fisk has since made use of the Wolfie ‘quote’ from Die Welt.

Oliver Kamm has also found reference to the quote in a newsletter from the ‘moderate’ anti-war group Our World, Our Say and has been ‘in touch’ to inform them of their error.

I wonder where this one will reappear next?

Talking of Iraqi oil, the George Galloway affair continues to rumble on. The Christian Science Monitor says that the documents they received about Galloway were “almost certainly fake” – few took them seriously anyway and the Daily Telegraph turned them down.

The Telegraph insist that their documents are genuine.

It is going to come down to this – will Galloway ever turn the threat of legal action against the Telegraph into a reality? So far we have heard only warnings of a writ. In place of the long-awaited legal action we get strangely nostalgic interviews with Arab News.