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How Holyrood Was Groomed

There is a particular kind of madness that has been unleashed in Scotland the last few years, a spine chilling misogyny and flagrant disregard for the consequences of overturning settled laws. The SNP, Greens and Scottish Labour have joined hands in showing off their progressive superiority even against the wishes of the majority of their own constituents in pushing through the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. They have been open to the dubious influence of some of the dodgiest trans activists and if you do nothing else today, read Wings Over Scotland’s post about these people, because it will be years before the mainstream media delves into this sordid mess.

What we currently have in Scottish politics is a situation where a micro-sect of sinister, “queer” anarcho-Marxists deeply enmeshed in violence, prostitution, sex crime, alcohol and drug abuse, porn and paedophilia are in effective control of the Scottish Greens, who in turn have the SNP in their pockets due to the coalition agreement.

It’s a vicious little ghetto of unashamed, unconcealed misogyny where people feel free to express their utter contempt for women on a daily basis.

You will read about familiar organisations like the NUS promoting rather vile men :


In December 2018, after a string of scandals involving pornography and allegations of indecent exposure, Bradley was accused of a series of sexual assaults by people both within and outside ATH, which he managed to suppress by hiring the famous London firm of specialist libel lawyers Carter-Ruck. (The source of his financing to hire such legendarily expensive counsel remains a mystery.)

He resigned as a director of ATH in April 2019, and was suspended by the NUS two months later and never reinstated. He subsequently went into hiding and his current name, whereabouts and activities are unknown. The NUS – one of the most historically and comprehensively trans-captured institutions in the country, and a direct channel into politics – has never published the result of its investigation into his conduct.

(In 2017 the NUS had elected Douglas to a position meant to be reserved for women.)

Read this because you may begin to grasp how deeply stupid and immoral some of the noisiest progressives in the land are.