China,  Covid-19

Still Here!

I apologise for the delay in opening the blog. I was too busy socialising, to the extent that I can barely speak now. I had lunch with Jimithefox, a HP regular (we missed you Muncii!) and used up my last reserves of voice. Some bug I caught weeks ago is intent on stealing my voice.

Have any of you been following the news in China? Not the sabre rattling at Taiwan but the devastation of their long delayed covid epidemic? I have been receiving tons of videos and news reports from friends who speak chinese and the news is dire. I assumed that milder variants and the presence of vaccines would mean that China might not suffer as much as the outside world did in 2020. But it appears that the virus is pretty virulent ( or the chinese peoples’s immunity is compromised due to the prolonged lockdowns) and people are dying in massive numbers. Hospitals are overwhelmed and crematoria overflowing. Even more sinister is the decision of the CCP to release its population from captivity and unleash them upon the world at the height of this epidemic. Can we discuss this below the line? I will post the links and videos btl.