Quick notes on anti-zionism

Anti-zionist activism reached fever pitch during the Israel-Scotland World Cup qualifier recently. Twitter lit up. Boorish Scottish fans threw food missiles at Israeli players on the pitch and jeered and heckled when the Hatikvah was played. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) had a lovely day out screaming ‘apartheid’. A touch incongruous that, because one of Israel’s two goals was scored by an Arab-muslim Israeli, Mu’nas Dabbur. Israel was edged out by a 3-2 win by Scotland. Israel won’t be in Qatar for the World Cup. Yes the same Qatar that has its grand football stadiums built by slave labour in boiling heat and has seen over 6500 migrant worker deaths since it was awarded the World Cup hosting rights. One hopes that Scottish fans take their activist fervour to Qatar. Human rights are so important.


Activist ice-cream makers, Ben & Jerry’s founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, are rather similar to Scottish football fans in their anti-zionism : confused.  A recent interview saw the two rather genial human rights activists look stumped at some rather basic questions one would have expected them to have thought about.

h/t Y.K.