Hate Preachers

A Khatm-e-Nubuwwat message: “It is our mission to fight against these people”

How much hatred and incitement can one pack into just a few minutes?

Plenty if you preach for Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, the movement dedicated to persecution of Ahmadi Muslims.

Here is an example from the Khatm rally last Sunday at the Waltham Forest Islamic Association, a mosque which already had a bad record. Bradford imam Hamza Hassan Qadri is on a roll:

Recapping the imam’s message:

– The Khatm movement is tied directly to violent events in Islam’s earliest years. Aswad al-Ansi and Musaylimah bin Habib, considered false prophets, are cited. Both were killed in battle by Mohammed’s followers. These events are “the foundations of what we are doing here today”.

– Companions of Mohammed advised Abu Bakr, Islam’s first caliph, that there was no need to wage war against Musaylimah. But Abu Bakr said that he “can bear many things, but if one raises a finger against Mohammed, Abu Bakr cannot bear this, and he fought war against him”. Bakr is obviously the model.

– In modern times, the “fitna” of Ahmadi Islam is “dangerous”, especially in universities and among the young.

– There is no need for “silly, petty little debates” with Ahmadis.

– No, the focus must be on “more serious” issues. To wit: “It is our mission to fight against these people, whether it be political means, whether it be social means, or whether it be academic means”. Indeed, “throughout our lives we will speak against them.”

By the way, the man sitting on the floor next to the imam is Abdul Aziz Chishti. He runs another nasty mosque in Luton where Khatm and one of the worst of all in this scene – Pakistani preacher Hanif Qureshi – are very welcome.

Remember that another Khatm home, Toaha Qureshi’s Stockwell mosque, is now under investigation by the Charity Commission. That’s where the BBC found “kill Ahmadis” leaflets.

Yet the Khatm crowd continues to assemble and openly incite hatred. It knows no fear and has no shame.

This must change.