Hate Preachers

The Waltham Forest Islamic Association: Conspiracy Theories, Antisemitism, and Rejection of the West

A Public Face
This is a public face of the Waltham Forest Islamic Association, also known as the Lea Bridge Road Mosque and the Jamia Masjid Ghousia. After the Paris atrocities, a condemnation.

The Other Face
Now step inside the mosque to see a very different face. Terrorism is actually “fabricated by governments” in order to attack Islam, preacher Hafiz Shareef says in a talk at the mosque last year. This is but one strand of a giant project of the dajjal (the devil).

This clip is taken from one of many events staged at the mosque over several years by a group called “Road 2 Reality”. It spreads absurd conspiracy theories about the “New World Order”, the “illuminati”, the Freemasons, and other pawns of the devil, who is preparing the End Times. Here’s a typical poster for one of the events.

This is a promotional video for the events at the mosque, designed to create divisive fear and anger.

In this kind of world the Jews are sure to be prominent. Indeed, here they are in another “Road 2 Reality” talk at the mosque. The “sick” Rothschild family owns 94% of the world’s wealth, controls world leaders as puppets, and “sponsors” wars, including both world wars.

There’s plenty more where this poisonous talk came from. Here Shareef warns his Waltham Forest audience that the End Times danger is very, very near. When it comes, it will be controlled from Israel, of course. He goes on to say Israel was actually created by the devil.

In yet another rant at the mosque, Shareef seethes with disappointment in today’s Muslims, for they are feeble, weak, and deficient. They love the life of this world and fear death. This is deeply shameful, for that is what the Jews (the Yahood) are like.

From 4:20 in this “Road 2 Reality” talk, see gleeful chuckling about Jews running in fear from Muslims when the End Times come. Muslims are also warned about music from 17 minutes in. The devil will use it to lure them, you see. But it will have no effect on the Jews, who will of course be marching alongside the devil.

Social Separatism and Denigration of the West
The Road 2 Reality events at the mosque are openly advertised with coarse language to encourage social separatism. Consider this example, casting the “kuffar” as part of the devil’s plot.

This unique event will cover a very interesting insight into how the kuffar are preparing for the arrival of the Dajjal using current day examples. Please attend and invite your friends and family

In fact, in the talks Muslims are told to avoid all sorts of western evil. Smartphones and modern televisions are part of the devil’s wicked project. Even KFC and McDonald’s are elements of the plot. So is women’s make-up. Contemporary sex education in schools is wrong and very dangerous. It must be opposed. In particular, homosexuality must be rejected and it is unacceptable to teach children that it is OK. New Year’s celebrations in London must be avoided, for even they are a route to damnation. And so on ad nauseam.

No Ahmadis, Not Even Dead
This episode in 2013 shows another ugly face of the mosque.

Mosque leaders denied a popular mini-cab driver a proper funeral, according to his friends.

The body of Khalid Mahmood, who died of a heart attack last Wednesday aged 52, had been prepared for the funeral prayer in Lea Bridge Road Mosque when allegations emerged that he belonged to the Ahmadi sect, which is not recognised as Muslim by Sunnis.

The mosque committee then stopped the funeral in order to keep peace they say, but friends say Mr Mahmood was disrespected and that the mosque’s actions only increase sectarianism.

One friend, Tanveer Khan, 57, a Walthamstow estate agent, said: “In a modern democracy this kind of discrimination should not happen.”

Another friend, Shahid Dastgir Khan, also 57, an Ilford solicitor and human rights activist, said: “These actions increase hatred between sects.

“The issue uniting us is common humanity and there is no place for using religion to divide people.”

At least there was some honesty from the mosque for once:

“If we had broken Islamic law there may have been violence and argument. What we did was in the name of peace in the community.”

A Natural Friend
Readers will not be the least surprised to find that the mosque has a very good friend in Corbynista vicar Steven Saxby. Here he is “sharing together in tea and friendship” with his friend Mahmood Ul Hassan Raja, an imam at the mosque.

Watch him gush about the mosque:

And here is his dear friend singing the praises of Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of Pakistani politician Salman Taseer.

Woe is Waltham Forest.