What’s your teddy bear’s mandate?

By contrast with the poster I discussed recently – which many thought plausible although it seems to be fake – I was at first convinced this was a parody.  I thought the bit about getting them to stuff envelopes was a good joke, enjoyed the covert allusion in that reference to ‘pioneers’, loved the ludicrous idea of asking children what their teddy bear’s ‘mandate’ was, and appreciated the slightly sinister endnote – ‘And, finally, what powers do they posses?’ (Possibly the power of knowing how to spell).

Yet it appears to come from a legitimate account and to have attracted plenty of enthusiastic response from Corbyn’s supporters.

Can you (or your favourite toy) think of any good answers to the questions in the ‘teddy bear mandate’ activity?

Here’s a question of my own.  Why should this space be ‘female-led’?

Update (KB Player):-

Educational possibilities


Hat Tip: James Snell