Labour Party

What’s behind this picture?

I first saw this photograph when Labour MP Jess Phillips tweeted it.

Birmingham Corbyn Rally seems some didn’t get the message from Chakrabati report about anti-Semitic tropes

One Corbyn supporter objected to her interpretation of the banner:

@jessphillips I’m stood near them and they are mocking the Labour party. You shouldn’t be using this to paint a false picture of Labour

Here’s what seems to be an admission from the prankster – and the fact that the half hidden sign says ‘Nationalise Bake Off’ makes the ‘satire’ rather clearer.

I saw the same image retweeted by several people, mostly Labour moderates.  It’s easy to understand the irritation of many Corbyn supporters particularly as it is claimed that the word ‘Zionist’ was covered up most of the time (as it is in the photograph above).  On the other hand a different bunch of people – and although they weren’t all active Corbyn supporters, some certainly were – seemed oblivious to the satire and instead tried to argue that there was no problem at all with the poster.  Here’s a sample taken only from people who seem to be Corbyn fans.

So although Jess Phillips’ tweet may have been technically incorrect – she’s right that some still haven’t got the message.