The MPACUK Momentum Fiasco

The Daily Mail on Sunday released a story about the relationship between Momentum and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK.

MPACUK was until recently founded and run by one Asghar Bukhari. A man who is certain that Mossad agents slip into his house to steal his shoes.

It is now run by Raza Nadim. He campaigns on behalf of terrorists, used to work for former Liberal Democrat MP David Ward and now spends his time campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn.

Both Momentum and MPACUK deny that they have been working together behind the scenes in order to get the Muslim Community to vote Corbyn. Not that MPACUK are influential enough to get the Muslim community to do anything. In fact MPACUK spend most of their time ranting against Muslims in the UK, but I digress.

The Mail on Sunday article can be found here. The article kicks off thus:

The hardline Left-wing group backing Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign has secret links with an extremist organisation accused of anti-Semitism to boost his support among Muslims, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

An official from Momentum, described as Corbyn’s ‘Praetorian Guard’, told an undercover reporter she had indirect contact with a disgraced group called the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) to ‘orchestrate’ backing for the Labour leader.

And some more here:

When our reporter discussed MPAC with Momentum’s London organiser Faduma Hassan, she admitted there had been contact through intermediaries, but appeared to have no concerns about the group.

Ms Hassan – pictured next to Corbyn as he launched his leadership campaign last week – said of MPAC: ‘I don’t know them a lot, I just deal with them whenever I need anything.’

Both MPACUK and Asghar Bukhari have made statements about the article and in turn claimed that it is Islamophobic to accuse them of antisemitism. On their Facebook page MPCAUK said the following:

”MPACUK have never contacted Momentum or been approached by any of their representatives directly or indirectly.

False smears of anti-Semitism are sadly a political tactic often used to try to silence pro-Palestinian activists and have been regularly recycled to demonise Jeremy Corbyn. MPACUK has a strong record of opposing all forms of racial and religious prejudice – it is particularly ironic that we are attacked by a newspaper infamous for its historic support for anti-Semitism and its current role in stoking hostility to Muslims and refugees.”

Asghar Bukhari’s response is a pretty shocking rant even for him. He basically argues that it’s okay to be antisemitic to any Zionist Jew, divides Jews into the good ones and bad ones depending on whether they support Israel and then argues that people who aren’t Jewish but support Israel are actually part of a Jewish conspiracy whereby Jews pose as non Jews in order to attack Muslims.

I’ve picked out three quotes below but if you want to gain a window into the mind of a nutter check out the full piece:

“Whether you admit it or not, the evidence is overwhelming, Jews who support Israel are openly (and covertly) using their influence in Western capitals , not just to ensure the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but against all Muslims everywhere.”

“Today’s definition of anti-Semitism and the Jewish privilege it upholds has been weaponised and industrialised thanks to Israel. It ensures Muslims are never able to freely speak about their suffering and thus never able to end it and that has to stop.”

“Many, many Jews due to their historical experiences learnt simply to hide their beliefs and their connection with their Jewish heritage. In other words you never knew if they were jewish, thats why they anglicized their names. Fast forward a hundred years and some Jews who had adopted the racism of Zionism, could easily deny they were Jews at all, they were Catholics, Atheists, Right wing nationalists , anything and everything, even Muslim — but never Jewish .”

Meanwhile MPACUK’s Facebook page is all Corbyn and Momentum: