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Another, um, problematic Trump retweet

Given all the media attention, one might think this was the first time Donald Trump had retweeted something from an antisemitic or white nationalist source.

It’s not, of course.

I’m not accusing Trump of antisemitism. I’m accusing him of utter and disqualifying ignorance and insensitivity.

In fact I offered Donald some free advice back in April which could have helped him avoid this latest brouhaha.

It seems Donald is uninterested in my advice. His loss.

With Trump apologists tying themselves in knots to explain this away, Paul Waldman at The Washington Post makes an important point:

C’mon. It came from a white supremacist forum. When I went there yesterday to check it out, the first headline was about Elie Wiesel, and it said “DING DONG THE [K—] IS DEAD.” You can say you retweeted it without realizing what it was, but don’t try to convince us it’s a “sheriff’s star.”